There are lots of companies, large and small, that you can choose for your computer services needs.  So why choose Delmartian Technologies?
  • I know what I’m doing.  That may sound like boasting… but it’s true.  I am consistently amazed at the number of so-called “experts” who take on projects and repairs that are far beyond their capabilities and bilk customers out of lots of money for repairs and services that don’t even work.
  • I stand behind my work.  If I commit to doing something for you and I determine that I can’t, you won’t pay me a penny.  If I do something for you and the fix turns out to be temporary or unsuccessful, your money will be refunded.  Period.
  • My pricing policy is both reasonable and unique. For example, I accept barter as partial or full payment for my services.
  • Depending on the services you require, I can often work directly at your location if desired.
  • I’m a nice guy.  I will take the time to explain things to you at a level at which you understand them.  I’m VERY patient.

Computers are my passion.  Delighted customers are my goal.